Staying Steadfast-STEADFAST clothing.

September 20, 2018

I want to do a shout out for the brand 'Steadfast'. This brand has a beautiful and passionate story behind it! My dear friend Lisa who fought the big C word.  It became her battle just after she had birthed her first daughter.  Fear crept in, worry hit hard BUT she stayed steadfast and strong through those dark days.  This is her story behind these gorgeous clothes sending a strong message to stay strong through the dark and hard times.


Lisa is now a healthy and happy mummy of two. She is the woman behind this amazing brand. I've known Lisa since I was a kid and feel blessed to call her my friend. 


What is so unique about this company is that it gives out to the community with each purchase made. Steadfast Clothing seek to bless people who are in need of a treat! I was blessed enough to receive one of these on a dark and hard day and it encouraged me a lot!


I love brands and clothing with a purpose and with a story. The numbers on them are scripture references which encourage you to stay steadfast in the Lord's promises, to not let go during the hard times.


I guess from a practical point of view these tops are super versatile, they can be dressed up with jeans and heals or warn to the gym (on second thoughts there probably a bit nice for the gym)! I'm keeping mine for a meal out as I don't trust myself to wear it around the kids - it's white!!!!! LOVING THIS BRAND. I will link their clothing video below but do check out her story and website for yourself! Be blessed. Stay Strong.




“Her heart is steadfast trusting in her God”

Psalm 112

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