The tired mummy.

August 31, 2018


It's been a hard couple of weeks, I've been tired, the kids have been ratty, actually ratty is an understatement and my husbands worked a LOT.  I've felt negativity seeping in. The lies I partner with like 'I just can't do this' and 'I'm failing.'

I'm just being real - some days are hard.

Motherhood is hard. 

It can be completely relentless.

Sometimes it's hard to pull yourself out of these soul-eating moments. Sometimes I guess if we are honest we don't want to.


I know ALL mum's say they have these days but often I feel it's just me. I secretly don't believe them. You know those mums who are always happy, always the 'fun' mum. 


We work harder but just get more tired as a result, more burned out. more frustrated. But sometimes it just all gets on top of me...the chores, the food shop that desperately needs to get done, the school work, the hospital appointments and the medicine that has to be given to Caleb each day. You can't even sit on the toilet without an audience of little faces!




And then in the midst of my pity party and hormones I came across a motivational speaker: Rachel Hollis (American of course)! Her words gripped my heart that morning as I clung to every word she said as everything screamed in me "I want to move out of this place! Help me!"


She said 'The mother who has just lost her son would kill to be in your shoes.' (The noise, the chaos, the tantrums the LOT!)

I wept.

This single sentence really impacted me! 

Seriously, my kids must think I'm a nutcase sometimes! Just that changed my whole perspective and mindset on that day. This woman is inspirational and REAL. You should check her out!



So to conclude, we do measure up. We can do this motherhood thing. We are perfect for our kids just as we are(Bad breath, messy hair the lot)! Saying sorry to your kids or those around you doesn't show weakness, it shows strength. You don't always have to be the fun mum, you can be real to your kids. It's okay to give your kids fish-fingers three nights in a row!


Tired mummy - don't give up!








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August 31, 2018

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