Jesus, Coffee and Make-Up.

August 22, 2018

I don't naturally start my day well....I'm not a morning person. My husband and kids with vouch for me on this! Before kids and even when I had only a couple, I would try and stay up late catching up on laundry, Facebook, and life in general and then I'd desperately try and have a lie in!


It didn't take me long to realise that my life needed to change!! There wasn't just me and Pritch in this relationship anymore; I had little ones relying on me, all day and often all night.  My mornings came around way to fast, the little's woke up far too early for my liking and I got through the day on caffeine and clock watching.


My husband has always preferred an early morning rhythm. An early and 'quiet' start but to be honest I just always said it wasn't ever going to be for me. 


When Caleb became ill I felt I needed that quiet in the early hours to connect to my maker each morning. To dwell in his presence before I had five kids demanding me to wipe bottoms or make cereal or mark maths books!  Our local church has the most beautiful and perfect space to allow this! 'The Prayer Room'


The prayer room not only allows me to soak in my Jesus Time each morning but also has hot coffee and worship.  I can read, sit and reflect on Jesus. Get my head around the day ahead of me and get stuck in to the word. The best thing is I'm able to have this precious time before my kids are awake!


Obviously I can't do this everyday but I'm so thankful for the rhythm that this sets, so I try to get up for some time in the Lord's presence in my bible, just me, Jesus and my coffee. I feel so much better prepared to face each day when I choose mornings like these.


I can't stress how much this impacts my day, I feel ready to actually smile and joyfully make breakfast for the kids, instead of them being met by an overwhelmed mess, who is frantically making coffee and trying to throw myself together!

 (This is the prayer room at our church this place is so precious to me and so many others!I'm so thankful for this space!)Photos by Yzella Barr.



Our pastor preached on this the other's such an important choice to get up and take time...I guess it's not rocket science but I really need a kick up the backside in making myself get up! Hats off to all those who do this day after day and year after year.


I've had so many people over the years say 'How in the world do you do it all?!' This is my secret. I tell them: Jesus, Coffee and Make Up. In that order! These are my secrets! No joke!

Photo by Raphael Lovaski on Unsplash



BUT seriously guys, I get it if you have little ones keeping you up all night. You hate me right now for even suggesting this!  I've been there, you must give yourself grace. It's taken me years to finally get into some sort of healthy rhythm here and sometimes I literally stay in bed until the last possible minute! But try it out...I've had some incredible revelation moments to my soul during this early morning hour! Try it with me!

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