Birthdays, Forgiveness, Mercy and Friendship.

August 3, 2018

Last week was my birthday. It wasn't a glamorous one, just a step closer to being 35 (that sounds better than writing 40)!!! We had planned to go to the beach but the weather was completely not on side for this...yes, I know I should really learn to watch the weather forecast! Then Caleb started throwing up (this seems to happen when he is too energetic, it's his bodies way of getting him to stop). To top it all off my hubbie and I had a mega fall out. You know, one of those when it totally ruins the day despite what anyone says to you.  Basically the older boys had been given an inch of freedom from their daddy which they had extended into a mile. I felt it could have gone badly wrong. Thank God it didn't!


 (This cake was made by the kids with a little help from a friend in less than three hours!It was so good too!)


This mood followed me into the next day. I was more than annoyed that Pritch had allowed the kids freedom and they had completely taken advantage of us.... I had no words.....I was put out...annoyed and felt let down by their bad choices.  Ever find yourself there? 


And then it hit me. The word 'mercy.'


Mercy: kindness and forgiveness when given to a person who doesn't deserve it.



And I realsied Jesus shows us this over and over again....we as the adults are constantly putting our foot in it, probably just as much as our kids. Possibly more! But their screw ups and mistakes seem much easier to focus on than my own....I guess as I'm meant to be the grown up!!!


This was a total revelation for me and just opened my heart to actually how easy it was to forgive my kids (and hubbie) the following morning.


We are all in training. No-one has got their lives sorted, not one of us. So I just wanted to encourage you to be gracious to each other, show forgiveness even when it's not asked for, maybe when it's not even wanted or deserved.


I also realised how guilty I am of looking to others (especially friends) to meet my emotional needs and how we are not designed for this. Our souls are actually longing for something much deeper which although can be blessed with a beautiful friendship, can never be fully satisfied through it.


I'm so thankful for some of my children's friendships. they have such precious friends. Friends that cause them to shriek with Joy and there are tears when they leave our home. I am so grateful for these and have loved watching these friendships blossom and grow.


But I was trying to explain to the kids how we all 'screw up' sometimes, how even our best friends can and will let us down. They will not always perform how we expect or feel our need at times and insight into this needs to find a place in each of our hearts.

 These girls have such a LOVE for one another!



Mercy was so needed in our home this week. In order to move forwards. To allow forgiveness and show grace to each other.


The beautiful thing in all this is that the day of my birthday my beautiful friend gave birth to a baby called 'Mercy'-perfect name for a perfect reminder!!



Precious Baby 'Mercy.'



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