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June 15, 2018

We've had some gorgeous days outside, already this year...When its warm there's nothing I like more than to grab the kids school books and get outside...I love these sorts of days.  These are the days that I love homeschooling, being in the garden with kiddoes and being a part of their learning.


And their faces.....in that experience!PURE JOY!


I have loved watching my son Ezekiel grow in his love for animals these past few weeks he's learned to look after the chickens with me and now is more than capable of caring for them on his own! He's our chief egg collector!

I've loved watching his face light up when he gets captivated by the nature around him.


I love that we can stop school to bird watch-moments,these are so precious to me!


Last week we went to forest school and spent an hour pouring over our friends baby chicks which the children 


have been able to re-visit over the course of the month and see them hatch through live webcam!  This has become a hot topic in our family and I think will be our next homeschooling team Pritchett adventure, to try this for ourselves.I will keep you posted!


Kids look at things with such fresh eyes...seem to be captivated by the nature around them.I guess I shouldnt be surprised as it's God's beautiful design!   They are so curious of these little creatures around them. There's been so many learning opportunities through just being child led in the garden! Get outside, ditch the dishes and just sit!



 Maths outside!

 Finally embracing the countrylife!


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