The Art of Resting.

June 9, 2018

Three weeks ago we came home from an amazing 36 hours at Watergate Bay hotel.  I cannot recommend this place enough-it's literally a place I call my 'sanctuary.' I feel recharged here, rested here. I will get away for a coffee and to soak in the gorgeous view whenever I possibly can! This place and I are heart just rests well here. We have so many memories including our honeymoon here. So ten years later we are back for a mini break!



We managed to find ourselves there with two amazing days away since Caleb's diagnosis without kids, to rest, recharge and recover!  When you live crazy hectic lives, the art of resting becomes a thing... at least it does for me and my husband! We are no longer any good at resting, It took me quite a few hours to switch off, stop listening out for the children and allow my brain to be off 'motherhood duties.'


I think the most amazing thing was to be able to talk without being interrupted every 5 minutes and to actually gather my own thoughts, in daylight hours and ask the Lord what he was wanting me to be focusing on, praying on, working towards etc. This was really precious to me and so therapeutic!!



The thing I have noticed everytime that I'm away from my own kids,is that I spend my time smiling and chatting to other people's children. Seriously this is what happens when I'm away from my kids....EVERYTIME!Am I alone in this?


So we took two days, to breathe, to think, to recharge and recover and it felt like double that!! (We prayed it would!)I realise this was a one -off treat and can't happen too often. Last time we did this was three years ago, but it made me start thinking about how we need and must learn to rest in our own homes. What does this look like in your home?I'm intrigued....This does not come naturally to me anymore!

 We seem to live in a culture where we drive ourselves constantly, whether that means at work, with our own expectation,s or even socially.  I now find myself admiring people who manage to rest, and carve out quiet times in their weeks and days !I salute you people!


I have a lot of friends who do 'sabbath.' This basically means they prepare food, clean, and get ready for the following day as much as they can, in order to give their bodies  a chance  to stop and rest .Allowing real time to reflect and recover, our bodies do so much better with rest.


I'm going to try the above but have always felt my family size puts me at a disadvantage but I'm told this is and can be possible!


I'm definitely still on a journey with all this....often a rest for me can be a trip to the grocery shop (alone) no I'm not joking...this is just where I am right now and I realise this won't always be the case! How do you guys rest and recover?


My precious friend Becky looked after the kids alongside her hubbie and my mum. She's a God-send and has walked so much life stuff with us...I'll be forever thankful for her love and energy towards my family!!It's not every newly married couple would take on our lot!Love these guys....

 My gorgeous friend Becky!

 The view outside our beautiful!

 Heels and eye make-up, a rarity these days!:)


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