Steroids and My Angry Son

May 28, 2018

I adore my little boy and his anger is just not him....As part of his chemo, every four weeks he has a week of steroids.  He gets mad, angry and frustrated with the smallest of things. It's so easy to forget why he behaves like this. As he looks just like all my other kids right now, it's easy to forget.  Easy to overlook, easy to forget and expect him to pull himself out of this funk.


Before treatment he was my most chilled little dude of the bunch.  I suppose it just reminds me that I can't treat all my children the same, they are all so entirely different. They have all walked different trials emotionally and physically.


One of my favourite Bible Proverbs is 'A gentle answer turns away anger.' We love this verse in our family and having trained myself (it didn't come naturally) especially with Caleb. It works! It diffuses things.


His angry outbursts can become my most challenging parenting moments. When he screams in my face and kicks my furniture, it's absolutely not acceptable but I'm reminded that I need to show him extra grace during these times.


Unless you know the affects of these drugs you probably won't be able to fathom the impact of what exactly I'm trying to say - it's as though he becomes a totally different child. 


I'm thankful for friends who have hugged me and told me I am enough and I am doing okay. That haven't secretly judged my parenting, or my son. Friends who continue to bring encouragements to us, especially on the darker days of this ongoing journey.


We never really know what each one of us are walking until we take the time to sit, to listen and to understand. To walk alongside.


I loved reading a friends blog about parenting and how we are all just 'winging it'. We are all on this adventure together - not one of us has it all together. 


Not one.


I found these w0rds so comforting - lets be a community to encourage and support. Not judge and tear down.


"A gentle answers turns away wrath but a harsh word stirs it up." Proverbs 15.1

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