We got HENS and healthy eating!!

May 19, 2018

Today was a very happy day in the Pritchett household we started our chicken family!!

Since Caleb got sick we've revamped our diets.....cut sugar and cut the crap basically.  Part of this plan was to add a few chickens to our already hectic and busy lifestyle....as yes we get through a heck load of eggs!!

Ezekiel is the animal lover in our family, he's my kid who studies bugs for hours and I never quite know where I'm going to find a tub of snails, worms or wigglys next! Yes, we have had some under beds!!


So the last few weeks Pritch has been putting together a chicken pen with the boys.... I'm so proud of them. It's been something we have all worked on and contributed to in our little way....


We're probably eating the best we ever have.  It's been a long haul scraping the rubbish cereals, the biscuits, the sugar in our coffees (Okay, We are still working on this one)! I'm really proud of our progress as a family.


The kids have adapted pretty well, they seem to have accepted that if its not in the house they don't ask for it....this is pretty incredible considering how I've always had biscuits in! Now they get handed a carrot or a piece of pepper.  We've become quite creative and been making dips for our veggies at snack time!


Our clean eating has finally taken hold after years of encouraging (nagging) my husband to be on team health with me. He finally wants it too! It's been something I've definitely become more passionate about since Caleb being diagnosed.


We've even committed to gardening at forest school each week; even Ariella tries to join in! This isn't as fruitful as it could be as she generally goes around pulling up the bulbs after we have planted them....but we're learning.



On a serious note, I do feel 'good' food is such a good investment. It's such a important life investment.  We have been pretty blunt with the kids about diet and the importance of it. I think having seen Caleb the way they have it's been easier for them to understand why we have re-vamped our eating, although they won't say no when offered 'naughtys' at our friends houses! :) I know diet isn't everything but we definitely have pondered it's importance.



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