The Beauty of Adoption

May 5, 2018

 We were newly married, clueless in so many ways and focused on our budding careers. Wow, this seems so far from our lives now! Our lives consisted of medical school, my teaching career and our pet guinea pig, Scientist.  Life was simple and quiet. Two qualities our life does not consist of now!




I'd been to Africa as a teenager. I saw real poverty and orphans on a daily basis walking the streets. I knew the brokenness and faces of these children who had begged to come back to England with me. It cut deep in my heart and never really left.


Then one afternoon it all happened. Adoption seemed to fall into our laps. I'm aware this isn't everyone's story with adoption. We didn't chase it, look for it. It sort of found us. NOT the 5 year plan we had anticipated which consisted of budding carers. I'm not going to go into mega details as I want to keep Mason's story as protected as possible.  


Mason my precious son and firstborn to our hearts was a spunky, fun little two year old when he walked into our lives.  He's such an integral part of our family. Our family would not be complete without this gorgeous boy.  Since adopting we have grown in our understanding of these kids. Our passion has grown and we love advocating adoption.


One of the biggest questions I get is "How could you love somebody else's kid?" My answer would be, "We are privileged to be able to do so".

I think that if this is something you feel is for you, then you have every potential of experiencing that unique love. The capacity does and will grow in time.


Will you make mistakes? Absolutely, but if you stay humble you have every opportunity to grow in so many ways. Yes our family dynamic isn't your typical but we feel complete and thankful for each one of our kids.


When people say they want to adopt, my heart leaps with joy as all these kids deserve a second chance. I then seem to develop a case of verbal diarrhoea! I've developed a real interest and love towards these kids. Is it the easiest and most straight forward road to take? No....but for us it's been one of life's biggest blessings. 


I could write on this subject for hours. My most encouraging read on this topic is 'Rich in Love' by Irene Garcia.  This personal role model of mine has birthed, fostered and adopted thirty two children. Such a beautiful but real read.


For he predestined us for adoption to himself as sons through Jesus Christ, according to the purpose of his will. Ephesians 1:5 



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