Chemo and the Push for Joy.

March 23, 2018

Sometimes life seems to pull us down....I'm quickly thinking of that song from Trolls 'Get Back up Again.'(We are big fans) If you don't know it, stick it on and have a dance!On a serious note the getting back up again takes intention, choice, and determination.


 When your child is being pumped full of poison/ life saving chemo, he's emotional; he's pale; he's angry. Caleb has spent the evening hanging his head over the loo. He usually doesn't let the leukaemia get the better of him. Today it has got the better of him. He's cross with life today and my heart aches for my little boy. Tomorrow is a new day and we are a day closer to the horrible drugs being over.


He's an inspiration to me whilst I'm feeling weary and wishing things were different. Kids are so different to us oldies, they take it all in their stride, pick themselves up and carry on! In Caleb's case this means chasing his brothers around on his bike and learning the latest skateboarding trick from his older brother.

 I like to think of it as a refining process: we are being refined, changed, moulded and made stronger. This is a tiring season for the Pritchett family as my husband travels almost 120 miles a day to get to work. The word tired doesn't cut it for him! I'm looking forwards to the easier days. The days your heart doesn't feel so heavy and weary and fixated on not missing an important drug dose. Whilst writing this I will choose gratefulness and thankfulness that Caleb can be treated and that not all days are as hard as today. I'm finishing this post with some happy pictures to remember life is always a precious gift!




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