Another trip to A and E

February 17, 2018

Today started off as a complete breath of fresh air when a friend offered to  not have one or two but three of our boys at her farm.  Anyone with a number of children will know this is VERY RARE....I appreciated the time and after fighting with my mind battle that Caleb would be fine...I relaxed.  The boys had a great time with cattle,kittens, quads and of course MUD. We collected three muddy but happy boys. I could tell they had played hard...We rushed to get the boys to their local cross fit class we had promised....On arriving, Ezzie had a fight with the car-park rope and literally went SPLAT! He wept, he shook and we went home, keeping a close eye on his black ear and sad, weary state.

The following morning we found blood on his pillow and my motherly intuition yelled at me to get him to A and E.  After a long three hours we discovered he had a fractured skull! This didn't stop him from milking his beloved i-pad time and scoffing sweets and cakes!

 Our days are so quick to change; one minute we are enjoying a peaceful but farm filled day and the next we are sat waiting and praying for the results of our boys head-scan. Life is never very predictable. I keep retelling myself to breathe, take a day at a time.  Yes cry when you need to cry BUT soak up the joy when it's there, you never know whats coming next! We are thankful it wasn't worse and thankful for friends who drop and ran when there was a need.



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