The tech battle!

February 5, 2018

I have a love hate relationship with technology.....this hate started when I was a kid. I'm aware by the end of this post you guys might start to view me as quite old fashioned, others might think this could be controversial! 


Why is it that I believe when I let the kids have the iPad, and watch everything and anything on the kids channel there is just NO PEACE....I despair in the quandary all the time! Like, where is the balance?! It's a real fight in my mind! I think these things should create rest in my home...they just don't! I'm just not technical! I like to keep life simple. But its so hard when we live in such a technical and busy world and it's considered so normal to sit with your iPad, for the best part of a day! I'm a great believer in teaching my kids how to play (yes...I really believe you have to teach them!) Crazy thought....right?!


So then it happened: my husband suggested a 7 day fast from the TV and iPad and after the shocked looks disappeared from their puzzled faces, they actually began to PLAY with real toys, I even caught one with a book! ;)


 I think sometimes we have to remind our children that life is more than how much iPad or X-box time they can have! We need to encourage our kids to love on each other and connect with one another AND NOT LOSE THIS quality! Our kids are watching how we handle everything! There is definitely grace for mistakes but I've learned to be intentional, or things that are truly important just don't happen. 


So day one in; I'm a happy mummy, the kids have been more contented and way less frazzled. I know this won't be a long term solution but sometimes I think a good old fashioned fast can be good!


Caring words, friendship, affectionate touch - all of these have a healing quality. Why?

"We were all created by God to give and receive love." - JACK FROST (no, not the snowman)!


The above quote was our quote of the day that I shared with the kids today. I LOVE IT.



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