A day in the life of Caleb and tribe....

February 2, 2018

Today was unexpected!


A lot of our days are these days....I should think twice before thinking it's going to be a straightforward day :) What in the world is straight forwards anyway?

Caleb has had a really rough week this week and his infection markers were high....so we were called in to do an x-ray. While doctors made a decision about whether they wanted to keep him in or not....I had all the children. Pritch at work and mum at an appointment.....the sweet nurse on the phone reassured me it would be ok! My heart raced.... It was OK...it was in fact better than ok....the nurse who was on duty was the nurse who I'd spent three hours crying to on my way up to Bristol...The hospital team are amazing I have so many positive stories about them...they sort of feel like a second family to me now and amazingly, almost know all of the kid's names!!! Hospital has become a way of life, a 'lifestyle' to our family. The kids are comfortable when we are there and get treated so well. This really does make this whole process SO much easier.


When our days don't go as planned it's so easy to despair or yell at the parking guy who gave me a parking ticket today, (c'mon seriously?!), but I'm desperate to grow through these trials and become stronger.


Caleb, we think, is improving and we hope it's just a virus but when you have a child on chemo, everyone treads so carefully and I'm nothing but thankful for that.

I'm so proud of the kids when they speak kind words of reassurance to each other and when they hold their brother's hand and tell him he's so brave.....my heart grieves but gives thanks for those little joys in life. It's so flipping easy to overlook the 'good' in our lives when we are on a trial. But keep going my friend, we can do this!



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